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Cuisine From Nothern Spain in Valencia

The Bay of Biscay, the mountains and green valleys inland, form the natural environment of Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, the Basque Country and Navarra. This geographical framework is the natural “pantry” for its most valued ingredients; exquisite fresh products for a unique cuisine. Taken from the sea and the land, premium quality products with cultural identity, common elements of a cuisine with specific characteristics in each area. Its kitchen offers us succulent dishes based on traditional recipes, but also avant-garde culinary creations. The result is a unique gastronomy, of extraordinary variety, and recognised worldwide.

To us, the cuisine of the North of Spain is a way of understanding gastronomy. A philosophy, a lifestyle and an art form that is part of the heritage of these lands. From the upmost respect, admiration and love for those gastronomic cultures, we serve you dishes that we feel are most representative of each region. Our main goal is to offer you through the palate, that world of flavours and tradition. You’ll find many classic dishes, other less known dishes of Nouvelle Cuisine, and a variety of our own creations.

  • “Our menu will enthuse you. Our presentation will surprise you. The taste will conquer you. Our treatment will convince you. The company will move you…and the experience will captivate you.”

Stop by at any of our Valencia restaurants and try it for yourself. Take a seat at a table and enjoy!