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Conditions generals and Reservation Policy


The prices, images or presentations of food and beverages, as well as the composition and characteristics of the Menus are indicated for informational purposes only. They can change without prior notice and have no contractual validity.

The prices shown include I.V.A.

The information on allergens has been made based on the data provided by the suppliers, not being responsible “La Taska Sidrería” of the accuracy of such information. Due to the manufacturing processes of our products, we can not exclude the presence of traces of other allergens than those indicated on each plate.

The restaurant can not guarantee the total availability at all times of the dishes and drinks that make up our menu or menus.

In the specific case of the “Galician Beef Steak to the Stone”, the final price will be determined by the weight of the piece. The multiplication factor will be € 5 per 100 gr. The pieces of ribeye are always sold whole. Consult the different weights available in stock at the time of visit to the restaurant.

Some dishes such as “Cod Cooked in Pil-Pil sauce” and “Creamy mushroom and black truffle rice” have a minimum preparation time of 30 minutes, and they can not be made in a shorter time.

The opening hours and opening / closing days may suffer modifications derived from the calendar. Consult telephone with the restaurant.

For reasons of traceability and food safety, we do not allow the consumption of cakes, wines or any other food or drink that is not exclusively offered by the establishment.




Reservations confirmed by the restaurant are always inside, in the Room. In any case we can confirm reservations in outdoor terrace. If the client with reservation wishes Terrace at the time of arrival, you can lose this preference in favor of the waiting list that would be available at that moment to occupy the same.

If the customer is delayed more than 20 minutes from the time of booking, the restaurant may cancel it without prior notice, leaving the table free and available to other customers.

If the table is occupied at the time of booking, the restaurant will have a margin of 15 minutes to make it available to the customer who has booked.

The restaurant reserves the right to charge a down payment or advance payment before confirming a reservation. If the client does not show up, does not cancel, or does not modify the reservation with a minimum of 24 hours in advance, he loses this signal.

Reservations with Gift Vouchers are only allowed by telephone, by calling the restaurant directly.




To be able to accept a reservation with a Gift Certificate, the restaurant must necessarily be aware of its existence and its direct relationship with a specific or pre-existing reservation in our reservation book. The restaurant DOES NOT ACCEPT gift vouchers not previously communicated exclusively by telephone, with a minimum advance of

24 hours

In reservations with gift vouchers only one gift voucher is allowed per reservation, table and day, regardless of the total number of people making up the reservation or table.

The restaurant works with a quota of places or tables determined for reservations with Gift Certificate. Overcoming them prevents us from admitting more Gift Vouchers for that service and day, notwithstanding the availability available for reservations without a gift voucher. The restaurant reserves the right to modify, eliminate or delete said quota or availability for Checks
Gift for a specific service based on your own criteria.

Bookings with gift vouchers not presented (No Show) or not canceled at least 24 hours in advance are considered for all purposes “Gift Vouchers Enjoyed.” They imply the extinction of the gift voucher and the total loss thereof by the beneficiary .

Gift vouchers are accepted exclusively in physical format, either on printed paper in the case of electronic gift vouchers, or through the card containing the codes of the same. Electronic gift checks or screenshots not previously printed on paper are not accepted.

Gift vouchers with unreadable codes, adulterated, expired, or from companies not contractually linked to the restaurant are not accepted./p>

Gift Certificates are not refundable in cash, either in whole or in part.